Let the Office Water Cooler Work Remotely Too

Stay connected with always available meeting rooms. Simple, secure, and enhanced with machine learning.

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Always Available, Voice-Only by Default

Create rooms that are available to the entire team, or restricted to a few select team members.

Great for general office chit-chat, recurring meetings, or 1:1 conversations with your co-workers.

Whenever a member of your team is in a different timezone than yours, we automatically overlay their local time whenever they're in a room.

Secure HD Video and Audio

Our video and voice chat is powered by WebRTC for low-latency connections and all streams are encrypted while in transit.

All rooms are voice only by default, putting the conversation at center stage and reducing distractions and embarrassing moments.

*Video quality and resolution may be reduced at times depending on network conditions.

Simple and Fast Screen Sharing

Share your entire screen, or just a single window. With compact and simple controls, we stay out of your way and so you can work.

Your screen is shared in full HD through the same secure infrastructure powering our HD video and voice chat.

*Video quality and resolution may be reduced at times depending on network conditions.

Face Tracking and Background Noise Detection (Coming Soon)

You can't always control what's happening in the background, so let us worry about it. Our face tracking uses machine learning to automatically keep the focus on you.

Our background noise detection runs your voice through a neural network trained with thousands of sounds and noises, isolating your voice and reducing background clutter.

Face Tracking is available as an experimental feature, and background noise detection is coming soon.

Water Cooler Pricing

Flexible pricing with no commitments.

Start off with a free account and upgrade when you outgrow it. 7 day free trial available for our Standard Plan.




$8/active user per month

Free until July 1st, 2020




Unlimited Unlimited


Unlimited Unlimited



Private Rooms

Video Chat

Voice Only

Max Room Participants

15 100
(Video participants limited to 20, all others voice only)

1:1 and Group Calls

Coming Soon Coming Soon

Screen Sharing

Live Broadcast to Team

Coming Soon

Send Video Messages to Teammates

Coming Soon

Cross Platform and Ready to Work Where You Do

Available on Windows and MacOS. Linux support coming soon.

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